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Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, Probably Dutch, ca. 1660


Chiseled steel guard featuring asymmetrical side rings with double knob at center; each filled with a chiseled and pierced plate. Short quillons with large knob finials and pas díane; fluted ovoid pommel with button. Grip wrapped with alternating single and twisted double strand brass wire; braided iron wire turks heads top and bottom. Lens-section 32" blade with remains of engraved design on the upper third (pitted, with the tip rounded and more heavily pitted). Does not appear to have ever been apart. Shows age, wear and pitting overall. This type sword often called a pillow sword, as it was traditionally thought that these small swords were hidden under a pillow for self-defense. There is no evidence that this was the case and it is more likely that it was carried as a gentlemanís sidearm. Overall length 38".

SR1077 $1895

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