Black and White Morion of the Munich Town Guard, ca. 1600

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Forged of two pieces of sheet steel with the seam along the high comb and peaked brim.
Rolled edges on brim and comb; riveted plume holder at the rear base of the comb.
Large raised embossed fleur de lis on each side with a blackened background. Brass
rosette rivet heads, with minor remnants of lining remaining. Minor defects along rolled
edges and at the peaks of the brim, as usually found. One crack, approximately 1″ long,
on the brim on the right side. Cracks and defects, especially on the brim, on these
morions is normal, as the steel was stretched so far in these areas that they invariably
would develop over time. Some expert restorations and the black repainted. An
attractive morion of the type known to have been worn by the Munich Town Guard in the