Dated Saxon Miner’s Axe, 17th/18th

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Interesting double-dated Saxon Miner’s Guild axe, bearing the dates 1652 and 1723.
Offset axe blade of typical form with 10″ cutting edge, pierced with a clover and circles;
stamped with three pine cone shaped touch marks. Fruitwood shaft profusely inlaid with
bone dots and panels engraved with miners in period attire at work and prayer, with
flowers and geometric shapes. At the base of the shaft is a solid bone handle bearing the
marks “16 IGH 52″ with flowers and a crowned shield with the guild mark of crossed
hammers born by a miner at each side. The other side engraved with a pyramid, flowers,
the letters “CTH”, and the date “1723″. On the spine of the shaft just below the head is an
inlaid bone cross with Christ and a banner with “INRI” at the top. Very good condition for
its age with a rich patina to both wood and bone. Some bone dots missing and most of
the panels a little loose due to shrinkage. Overall length 33 1/4″. While most of these
miner’s axes are of the same basic style, each is entirely hand made and unique.