English Basket Hilted Backsword of the Highland Regiments, 3rd Quarter 18th C

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Basket hilt formed of sheet iron with plates pierced with circles and saltires (one plate with small damage at top edge). Forward-looping guard bars on the underside and wide scrolled reverse quillon with stamped mark (see photo). Conical pommel; plain wood grip with later leather wrap. Single-edged 31 1/4″ backsword blade with long single fuller, stamped on each side with crowned “GR/IEF/RIS” (canted strike). This is the mark of Nathaniel Jeffreys (Jeffris) of Westminster, who supplied 3500 basket-hilted backswords to the 87th, 88th, and 89th Highland regiments in 1759 and later to other Highland Regiments. Many of these swords made their way to the American Colonies and saw service with Highland Regiments during the French & Indian War and American Revolution. Lightly pitted with an even gunmetal finish. Overall length 37 1/4″