Etched Halberd of the Guard of Bavarian Electors Maximilian I and Max Joseph III


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Of large proportions, featuring spatulate form axe blade with slightly concave edge, deeply
etched on both sides with the Bavarian coat of arms. Large down-turned rear beak
etched on both sides with floral decor and “MICHIB” (for Maximilian Joseph III, Elector and
Duke of Bavaria). Broad 15″ thrusting blade with thickened point and pronounced medial
ridge, deeply etched on both sides with floral decor and the date “1762″ at the base.
Integral tapered octagonal ferrule engraved with “61″, attached to four long side straps
and mounted on its original octagonal hardwood shaft with iron base shoe. Etching very
clear with minimal wear and retaining a large amount of its original gilding in the recessed
background. Originally made for the electoral guard on the occasion of the Electorate of
Bavaria being awarded to Duke Maximilian I (1573-1651) in 1623, this halberd was re-
issued in 1752 upon the succession of Elector Maximilian Joseph III (1727-1777), with the
etching being altered for the occasion with the addition of “MICHIB” and “1762″. It is
estimated that approximately 70 of these halberds were made, each being individually
numbered on the ferrule. Shaft bears the brass collection tag numbered “A2122″ from the
Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt. Provenance: Formerly in the collection of the City
Museum Munich, having survived bombing during WWII and later removed to the
Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt. Very rare in that it was for the guard of both Elector
Maximilian I and Maximilian Joseph III and in use for over 150 years.