Exquisite Chiseled Italian Rapier, ca. 1620

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One of the finest quality rapiers to come on the market in years, this rapier would be a
showpiece in any museum or private collection. Steel hilt chiseled in fine detail with
matching artichoke motif throughout. It consists of straight quillons with artichoke finials,
quillon block chiseled in the form of artichoke leaves, pas d’ane joining the double side
rings; each with opposing artichokes separated by a disk. Knucklebow also features
opposing artichokes separated by a disk, ending just short of the artichoke pommel with
button. The leaves in the design are chiseled with stems 360 degrees in the round.
Reverse with unadorned single side ring and two symmetrical bars joining the base of
the lower obverse side ring. Original wire-wrapped grip with turks heads and overlying
twisted wire lattice. Hexagonal-section 44 ½” blade with long tapered ricasso with line
borders and stamped on each side with maker’s mark “* S *”; short central fuller
stamped “* IHS *”, with another “S” stamped just below the fuller on each side. Overall
length 51 ½”. 100% original and complete in near excellent condition with just very light
pinprick pitting on the blade. A smaller and less ornate rapier made approximately 20
years later featuring this exact same motif is in the Wallace Collection and featured in
numerous publications. It is likely the work of the same artisan. The workmanship is
superb in every detail. Though this sword looks great in photos, they cannot do it
justice. From a multi-million dollar New York City estate, this is the finest sword we have
ever offered!