Fine Cased Pair of French or Belgian Percussion Muff Pistols, ca. 1850

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Newly acquired from a Parisian estate after 3 generations of ownership, this cased set has been apparently untouched for 150 years. The set is in its original green felt-lined mahogany case with vacant brass escutcheon and hardware. It consists of the matched pair of percussion box-lock pistols with folding triggers, brass powder flask, steel bullet mold stamped “31″, rosewood cap box containing original percussion caps, and wood- handled combination screw driver/nipple wrench. Two compartments in the case still hold a number of original lead balls. The pistols have round 2 1/8″ screw-off barrels of approx. .44 caliber, stamped with a script “R”; box-locks engraved with acanthus, bearing Liege proofs one side and a crown over “CD” on the other; concealed folding triggers; rosewood stocks and steel butt caps with cap storage compartment. Pistols near excellent with minor handling marks and starting to show minor surface rust on the exposed surfaces from long term storage. Case lid slightly warped, but it still locks with its original key. No doubt this set is on the market for the first time since it was originally obtained in the mid-19th C.