Fine North European Rapier, ca. 1620


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The superbly executed hilt is a rare Type 76 style (from Norman’s “The Rapier and
Small-sword, 1460-1820″). Steel hilt featuring elegantly recurved quillions, the finials with
a chiseled spirally fluted globe. This same chiseled globe is repeated on the 3 main guard
bars, as well as the knuckle bow; globular pommel chiseled ensuite. The spirally fluted
grip has what is likely the original twisted copper wire with turks heads top and bottom.
Quality 41″ diamond-section blade with a deep 10″ central fuller on each side stamped on
each side with “DDD IIMM GVS” in the fuller, with a diamond separating each letter. “T”
maker’s mark on the ricasso. It appears that hilt, blade, and all parts are original to the
period of manufacture and the feel and balance of this elegant weapon is exceptional. It
was clearly made for a nobleman of the period. While the entire sword is of superb style
and workmanship, what is perhaps even more amazing is its exceptional condition. I am
not aware of any flaws on this 400-year-old sword! Overall length 49 1/2″. There are few
swords available today at any price which exceed the quality and condition of this beauty.
Nearly identical to Example 77 in Leslie Southwick’s “Price Guide to Antique Edged