Javanese Keris (Kris) with Finely Carved Ivory Hilt

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Featuring ancient (18th C or earlier) 11 ½” 4 luk blade of meteor iron. Beautiful one-piece
ivory hilt in typical garuda shape, but delicately carved and pierced with leaves and flowers
over the entire surface. All wood gandar (scabbard) with small loss at the end. A mixture
of arsenious acid and lime juice was used to etch the blade and bring out the pattern of the
forging. Repeated cleanings with lime juice (citric acid) has left this blade somewhat rough
in texture and reduced in width, a sign of its great age. Overall length 15 1/4″, not including
scabbard. Ivory hilt alone worth the asking price. Due to restrictions on the sale and
export of ivory this piece can only be purchased and shipped within the United States.