North Italian Chiseled and Pierced Cuphilt Rapier, ca. 1660


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Hilt featuring large hemispherical cup guard with down-turned edge pierced and finely
chiseled and embossed with classical foliate design. Straight quillons with spiral twist and
alternating grooved and acanthus bands, ending with button finials; the knuckle bow
chiseled ensuite. Chiseled shield-shaped quillon block with large pas d’ane riveted to the
cup. Made without guardapolvo. Bun-shaped pommel with button, chiseled with matching
foliate design. Grip with twisted iron wire and finished with chiseled ferrules top and
bottom. Hollow-ground 37 ½” diamond-section blade with narrow 7″ central fuller and long
flat ricasso; lightly pitted with heavier pitting in the middle and toward the tip. Hilt shows
light pitting and all metal has assumed a matching gunmetal patina, with some old rust
and dirt remaining in recesses in the design. Overall length 43 1/4″.