Spanish Cuphilt Rapier in 17th C Style, Probably 19th C, but Possibly Earlier


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Entirely hand made and showing considerable age, this large rapier features a
hemispherical cup with rolled edge embossed and pierced with alternating panels
depicting foliage and a devil’s face. 11 ½” long straight quillons expanding toward the
finials depicting a devil’s face at the quillon block on each side. The guard bars show
lamination, but not the forge welding at junctions as typically found on 17th C examples.
Large pas d’ane attached to plain guardapolvo and cup  with hand-made screws. Faceted
pommel with chiseled hatching and line borders appears to be associated, as it doesn’t
match the motif of the rest of the hilt, however, it has been with it at least as long as the
twisted brass wire wrap (loose and lacking either turks heads or ferrules). Hilt parts
a bit loose due to grip shrinkage or possibly the loss of ferrules or washers, but the parts
have obviously all been together for a long time. Unmarked 40″ blade of diamond section
clearly showing signs of being hand ground and sharpened during its working life.
Uncleaned with overall dark brown patina and some surface rust on the blade. Total
length 48″.