Swiss Matchlock Musket, 17th C and Later

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Featuring unmarked tapering 31″ round barrel with top flat in 15 mm caliber with brass front
blade sight. Flat lock plate with serpentine cock; flash pan with swivel cover. Long
rectangular segmented round-section trigger guard with extension to the rear. Arsenal
replaced (19th C) wood full stock with chamfered edges, extended cheek piece, and horn
fore end cap; forward sling swivel and rear sling button. Leather sling stamped with Swiss
cross and maker’s cartouche with the date “1891″. Metal parts with dark patina. Overall
length 44 ½”. The Swiss fanatically kept their arms in serviceable condition in their
regional arsenals long after they became obsolete. It wasn’t that many years ago that we
bought a large lot of 15th/16th C pikes from the arsenal in Luzern, Switzerland where they
had been kept in serviceable condition for over 500 years.