Wheellock Pistol Holster, German, ca. 1630

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Cylindrical shape with flared top, constructed of wood, lined with linen and then covered
with dark brown leather. Flat iron base cap with double incised line decor; the top of
leather with matching double line decor. Reverse with a pair of loops for mounting on a
belt (one loop an old replacement). Three pairs of small holes at the top, probably for the
attachment of strings or thongs (now lacking) to secure the pistol. Leather stitched along
the full length of the side, 100% intact. Leather with age cracks, a few worm holes, and
three small spots worn through on the reverse. Typical military holster of the Thirty Years
War. These original holsters are far more scarce than the pistols themselves and rarely
survive. Overall length 18 1/4″.