WWI German Battle of Yser Trench Art


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Made from an empty German 75 mm shell casing, the base stamped
“st/261/POLTE/MARZ 1917/MAGDEBURG/Sp406″. Deeply engraved on the casing in
script is “Yser” with simple foliate design and “1914″ at the base. The Battle of Yser was
fought in October, 1914 and halted the German “Race to the Sea” through Belgium. It
retained 5% of Belgian territory and the Yser Front was stabilized until 1918. While the
loss of 95% of Belgium to the Germans would seem to be a defeat, the Allied victory at
Yser was a great boost to Belgian pride and nationalism. Height 9″, weight 1 pound 14
ounces. Price includes US domestic shipping.