Bavarian M1855 Infantry Officer’s Sword


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Brass hilt featuring flat P-guard, with broad reverse quillon with two slots. Dove-head
pommel with integral backstrap. Grip covered with fish skin and wrapped with alternating
single-strand and twisted double-strand brass wire; grooved brass base ferrule. Slender,
slightly curved 31 3/4″ single-edged blade with 3/4-length stopped fuller, the ricasso
stamped with the knight’s head mark of Weyersberg, Kirschbaum, & Company. Blade
etched with foliage and a ribbon inscribed “IN/TREUE/FEST”, the Bavarian motto, meaning
“steadfast in loyalty; firm in fidelity”. The Weyersberg Family of blade makers goes back to
the 16th Century, but the stamp on this sword was used after 1882. Like the US M1852
Naval Officer’s sword, this pattern sword was in use for many years, but the blades got
progressively narrower over time. This example dates to the late Imperial or WWI era. No
scabbard. Brass with a pleasing patina; blade with scattered light pitting, age stains, and a
few shallow edge nicks. Overall length 36 3/4″.