German WWII “Black Widow” P08 Luger Rig

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Of the more than 2 million Lugers made between the Luger’s introduction in 1898 and the
end of WWII, one of the most desirable is known as the “Black Widow”. This was never an
official title, but was coined by the late American Luger expert Ralph Shattuck who used
that name because of the black Bakelite grips and magazine bottom. All true Black
Widows were military issue Mauser P08 Lugers with “byf” code made in either 1941 or
1942. This example was brought back by US Army veteran Harry Hohne and was kept by
him in a chest since the war until just recently when sold by his nephew’s wife. Hohne was
involved with rounding up artifacts from museums, etc. toward the end of the war and
shipped duffel bags filled with war trophies to his mother and sister. He never married and
passed away in 1972. This Luger, along with a “Prinz Eugen” Eickhorn Field Marshal
series sword, and M40 helmet were supposedly taken off an officer of the 7th SS “Prinz
Eugen” Division, an elite unit of mountain troops “Gebirgsjager”. This is backed up by the
inscription on the helmet liner which includes “Geb. Jag.” and “Fussen”, a town in the
mountains of Southern Bavaria. The Luger is in near excellent condition, retaining sharp
markings and nearly all of its original finish. It is the rarer 1942 manufacture and is serial
number “18″ from the “M” series. Nearly all parts were stamped with the last 2 digits of the
serial number, but the full serial number appears on the left side of the receiver and this is
also “18″. Correct “135″ inspector stamps on right side of receiver Original black Bakelite
grips with traces of dirt in the checkering, having never been cleaned since being sent to
the USA as a war trophy. Correct un-numbered black magazine with Bakelite bottom and
a second aluminum magazine marked “SCHMEISER PATENT” with waffenamt. Original
matching leather holster bearing the faint number “18″ on the back, lacking the original
multi-tool. A true wartime SS-used Black Widow fresh to the market. Please contact us if
interested in the other items taken by Private Hohne. Must be shipped to Curio & Relic
License holder or FFL in buyer’s home state.