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Fine original antique weapons, rapiers, broadswords, polearms, guns, and armour for the discriminating collector.  Specializing in antique swords and other European edged weapons of the 15th through the 19th Century, we have an especially fine selection of quality 16th and 17th Century  rapiers and broadswords.  American and Eastern weapons too.   We have everything from 16th Century German two-handed swords and fine Italian 17th Century rapiers, to Napoleonic and Civil War cavalry sabres.  Also featured are a number of fine Eastern, European, and Colonial polearms, including several very rare types.  

We keep an active "Wish List" and will keep an eye out for any particular item you may be looking for- even if we find it offered by another seller! Since we will happily refer you to another reputable dealer should they be able to meet your needs, you need only contact us, instead of spending hours searching the web or subscribing to numerous dealer catalogs.  Being collectors ourselves, we know what most antique weapons collectors are looking for and what prices are reasonable and fair.  All our items come with a complete money back guarantee.  If you are unhappy with any purchase, for any reason, just return it in the same condition as received within ten days of receipt for a full refund, less shipping charges.

We are constantly searching for good antique weapons, so please keep us in mind if you have something to sell or trade.   As collectors, we have found that one of the best ways to improve a collection is to periodically sell or trade certain items in order to acquire better pieces.  You will be surprised at how quickly your collection improves when you begin doing this.

Another plus to collecting antique weapons is that historically they tend to substantially increase in value over time.  This makes it a good investment and gives a little extra incentive when contemplating a large purchase.  Unlike collecting fads like Beanies, etc., antique weapons have been highly collectible for centuries and only major economic downturns have much negative impact on prices.  You also can't get the same kind of enjoyment from hanging a stock certificate on the wall that you get while showing off the prize pieces in your collection.  So whether you collect merely for fun or view it also as an investment, please come to when thinking about adding to or starting your collection!
Quality Antique Swords, Guns, Polearms, and Militaria
Buying single pieces or collections
If you have something you are interested in selling, please contact us at:
or call:  (828) 507-7160 or (828) 293-5738
Trades also considered
To receive special offers or to add an item to your "Wish List", please click on the e-mail link above and type "Wish List" in the subject field.  Then list any items you are looking for and special instructions, ie. price, condition, etc.
If we hear of any such items, even if offered by another seller, we will e-mail you with details.  We want to help you with your collecting even if it does not increase our sales!
Please be sure to read our Terms of Sale
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French Cuirass and Helmet, 2nd Empire. Coulaux Freres Klingenthal arsenal mark. Back plate with Chatellerault arsenal marks. Helm with brass crest and grenadier logo

English Jousting Helm in 15th C Style Former Warwick Castle Collection, Warwick Castle Inventory no. A040. Wallace Collection, London, Samuel Luke Pratt

15th C Swiss Canteen Spanish gourd Carved date "1421" Landesmuseum in Zurich, German Nurnberg Chest 1650, German Late Gothic Westphalia Chest

British Baker Rifle Early 19th C London Gunmaker’s Company. Colonial American Halberd ca. 1680-1720, George Neuman’s "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution"

Naval Pike, Colt M1860 Army Revolver, European Breastplate, European 16th C Flail Kettenmorgenstern

German Kettenmorgenstern (Infantry Flail) 16th C. "Europaische Hieb und Stich Waffen" Muller/Kolling/Platow.

Dutch Silver Inlaid Smallsword 1680 EN TOLETO. Early German Executioner’s sword, German Handcuffs 16th C. English Civil War Period Officer’s Spurs

Spanish Shell Guard Rapier, German Parade Halberd 17th/18th C, German Sergeant’s Halberd 1750, Dutch Pikeman’s Armor 17th C

Austrian Halberd 1580 Landeszeughaus Graz,  Italian Two-handed Sword Late 16th C, Eastern European Warhammer Hungarian 17th C

German or Austrian Basket Hilted Broadsword "Sinclair Sabres" or dussegges, Chinese "Blade Breaker" 19th C

English Naval Cutlass 1745 Solingen/Passau Birmingham maker Harvey Pirate

German Rapier "+ PETTHER + WIRSBERG +" one side and "+ MEFECIT + SOLINGEN +" other side

Fine Spanish Cuphilt Rapier 17th C, European Spontoon 18th C, Spanish Cavalry Lance 1870 TOLEDO "Europaische Hieb-und Stichwaffen"

Naval Boarding Pike, English or American 1780, German Halberd18th C, Engraved North European Halberd, Austrian Halberd 1580 Landeszeughaus Graz

Italian Roncone, European Cuphilt Rapier Dated 1662 Jacob Brach, British P1803 Infantry Officer’s Sword, George III cypher

British P1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword George IV, Imperial German Lionhead Officer’s Sword, Dutch Walloon Broadsword 1650 Amsterdam Town Guard

British P1803 Infantry Officer’s Sabre, Napoleonic Wars George III cypher "WOOLLEY & Co" Thomas Deakin partner

Colt M1849 Revolver, Victorian Bed Warmer 1840, US M1860 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword, US M1850 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword, Austrian Halberd 1580

Swiss Sabre 17th C, Fine North European Transitional Rapier 1660, Fine German Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, Prussian Eagle and "BERLIN"

Spanish Rapier 2nd Half 17th C FRANCISCORUIZ EN TOLDEO, Indo-Persian Scissors Katar (Jamadhar Sehlikaneth) 

English Pikeman’s Armour, US Civil War Non-regulation Officer’s Sword, Rare Styrian (Austria) Estoc 1580 Landeszeughaus Graz Austria.

Victorian Era Sword Cane, German Executioner’s Sword, Confederate edged weapons, Civil War musket, Confederate swords, Civil War cavalry saber, civil war weapons

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German Executioner’s Axe 17th C Tower of London executioner’s axe, European Executioner’s Axe 17th/18th C Henker (Executioner) Museum

European Axe, 17th/18th C Possibly for Execution, German Battle Axe Head 15th/16th C

Indian Mail and Plate Shirt Deccani 17th C Anup Singh Adoni Fortress in 1689, 15th C Stone Cannonball

German Axe 17th/18th C, German Bearded Axe 17th C, Engraved Indian Tulwar 19th C, Central Asian Qama Dagger, Miniature Indo-Persian Kard (Dagger)

Turkish Yataghan, 19th C, Fine Italian Etched Partizan 1530 Henry VIII, Rare German Siege Armour 17th C Thirty Years War, Swiss Halberd Hans Balthasar Erhardt von Meilen 

Antwerp Cabinet, 17th C Gabon Ebony veneer VOC (Dutch East India Company), Italian gunners Stiletto 1650, German Mitten Gauntlets

English Hunting Hanger 17th C Wundes Family of Solingen, Continental Hunting Hanger 17th C Solingen running wolf mark, Italian Stiletto 1650

Combination Rapier/Flintlock 17th/18th C, German Horseman’s Broadsword 1650 "ME FECIT" Solingen Running Wolf mark. Wundes Family

Swiss/South German Morgenstern John Waldman Collection, German Executioner’s Sword 17th C , Rare Austrian Torture Fork 17th/18th C

German M1817/56 Artillery Sabre Rig (Zurich Zeughaus). "WESTER & CO", "SOLINGEN". Isaac Wester & Co., English Silver Inlaid Hounslow Hanger, ca. 1640

Lucerne Hammer 16th C, Etched Italian Partisan 1600, Italian Walnut and Leather Arm Chair , Medici 17th C, Provenance: Higgins Armory, Medici jeweled dagger

Italian Half Suit of Armour Pisa Pisan armoury Gioco del Ponte Medicis in 16th C Pisa., US M1818 Starr NCO Sword, Nathan Starr, "N. STARR/US/L.S./V"

Italian or Spanish Cabasset 1580, German Torture Pliers "Schweizer Chronik des Johann Stumpf" (Augsburg, 1586) "Inquisition" Robert Held

English Cutlass Hounslow England Solingen blade, Italian Swept Hilt Rapier 1620, Swiss Lucerne Hammer 16th C Lucerne City Museum

German Halberd16th C St. Pankras Cross, Austrian Halberd 1580 Landesmuseum Graz in Styria Peter Schreckeisen, Pankraz Taller Solothurn Zeughaus Museum

Silver Hilted Smallsword 1750, English Gilt Court Sword "HILL/BROTHERS/OLD BOND/-ST-/LONDON/-W-"., French Gilt Boat Hilt Smallsword 1760

Spanish Rapier 1680-1700 "X ESPADERO XX EN XX ALMANIA X" Toledo, Dutch Flintlock Pistol, Utrecht, The Visser Collection Arms of the Netherlands,

Spanish Colonial "Caribbean Pattern" Bilbo, Golden Age of Piracy, German Executioner’s Axe 17th C, Swiss M1867 Cavalry Sabre, Powder Horn 19th C

Brass Shell Powder Flask 19th C, Chiseled and Silver Inlayed Smallsword 1680, French M1817/69 Infantry Hanger, Exceptional Early Smallsword 1680, "HEINRICH * COLL **

British P1786/1796 Infantry NCO Sword "GILL" Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812., English Flintlock Officer’s Pistol 1810 "BLAIR & SUTHERLAND" (Birmingham)

Albanian Brass-stocked Rattail Miquelet Pistol "Islamic Weapons Maghrib to Moghul" by Anthony Tirri, English Rapier, "MEFECIT SOLINGEN" and "FIDESED CVIVDE"

British Infantry Hanger 1742 Pattern, Duke of Cumberland (Royal House of Hanover)., Swiss M1817/52 Infantry Hanger, "ZUG", Zug Zeughaus (arsenal)

French M1821 Infantry Officer’s Sabre, "a Klingenthal Coulaux et Cie", US M1850 Foot Officer’s Sword, English Rapier 1640, British P1845 Naval Cutlass

French Naval Officer’s Dirk 1810, Italian Town Sword, Rapier 1640, Japanese Samurai Armour, Early Edo (17th C), Rare German Siege Armour 17th C Thirty Years War

Collection of iron Arrow Heads German 14th-16th C, Scarce European Halberd 16th C, Italian Partizan Early 17th C, English Cromwellian Breastplate, Engraved Italian Halberd 16th C

North Italian Morion 16th C Papal Armory, English Hunting Hanger 17th C Wundes family of Solingen bladesmiths, Military Matchlock Musket, English Civil War Period Rapier 1640 "ANDREA FARARA"

English Hounslow Hanger Solingen Germany King Charles I, "Swords and Sword Makers of England and Scotland" by Richard Bezdek., European Poleaxe Halberd 1600,

English and Colonial American halberds, Exquisite Silesian Wheellock Tschinke, German Hand-and-a-half Broad Sword, Wolfgang Stantler Munich, Wallace Collection.

Hungarian Mace 17th C, Landeszeughaus Graz Austria, Imperial Austrian Halberd 1580 Landeszeughaus Graz Austria., Austrian Halberd Graz1520

Exceptional English Mortuary Sword King Charles I, Spanish Rapier FRANCISCO xx RVIS xx EN xx TOLEDO xx" Francisco Ruiz , Fine German Hunting Sword 17th C

Rare Italian Flintlock Sporting Gun 1680, Italian Rapier 1630, "IOHANNES", Venetian Crabclaw Rapier 1620, "Armi Bianche Italiane" by Boccia/Coelho

Swiss/German Halberd 16th C, "Europaische Hieb und Stich Waffen", Germanic Dusegge Sinclair Sabre 1600 Styria, German Hunting Hanger 1740

German Hunting Sword 17th C, English Civil War Hounslow Officer’s Sword 1640 "Hounslow Hanger"., Continental Hunting Hanger, Late 17th C

Venetian Schiavona 1780 Doge of Venice, Military Rapier Counts of Liechtenstein Munich Town Guard Schloss Vaduz, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s troops in the ‘45 Jacobite Rebellion

Turkish Flintlock Pistol Damascus Barrel, Belgian Brass Double Barreled Percussion Pistol, ca. 1850, Double Barreled Percussion Pistol 1850, Caucasian Miquelet Pistol 19th C Circassia

North European Cavalry Officer’s Sword 1650, Former Visser Collection piece, European Flintlock Tinder Lighter 1810, Former Visser Collection, French Smallsword 1770

British P1796 Light Cavalry Sabre, Bluchersabel Napoleonic Wars Waterloo., Fine North European Rapier 1600 Former Visser Collection

Etched German State Halberd Dated 1578, Archduke Matthias of Austria (1557-1619), Highland Scottish Targe (Shield) Culloden Jacobite Rebellion

English Civil War Mortuary Sword 1640 King Charles I. "SALINGEN" for Solingen, Dutch Walloon Sword of the Amsterdam Town Guard1650 "SAHAGOM"

German Two-handed Processional Sword 16th C Style, German Halberd Second Quarter 16th C, Scarce German Halberd First Quarter 16th C, Fine European Halberd 16th C,

Chiseled Indian Tulwar 18th/19th C, British Flintlock Sea Service Pistol 1780, Afghan Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol, English East India Company flintlock pistol.

Afghan Jezail Musket, French Officer’s Sword 19th C "Manufre/Royale de/Klingenthal", European Doloire Axe "IHC"., Museum Altes Zeughaus Solothurn, Switzerland

Albanian Brass-stocked Rattail Miquelet Pistol, Danish Dragoon Sword Model 1789, German Pappenheimer Rapier, Wolfgang Stantler of Munich. Thirty Years War Cavalry

Feldmarschal Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim, US M1832 Artillery Short Sword Seminole Wars Mexican War and Civil War.

English Brass Barreled Coaching Pistol 1790 T KETLAND & Co" "LONDON", Unusual Italian Rapier 1640, German Horseman’s Broadsword 17th C, "1414"

Brass Flintlock Tap Action Pistol by Henry Nock 1800 Birmingham proofs, Flintlock Over and Under Tap Action Pistol 1810 "DUTTON" "LONDON"

French/Swiss Halberd 17th C, Unusual Swiss Halberd Zurich Zeughaus, Long Austrian Halberd Graz Arsenal, Continental Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol w/Folding Bayonet1820

French Iron Thumbscrews 18th C "Inquisition a Bilingual Guide to the Exhibition of Torture Implements from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution"

Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Nurnberg Pikeman’s Armor Solothurn Zeughaus, Swiss Solothurn Zeughaus (armory), Early Italian Bill Roncone late 15th/Early 16th C

Swiss Morgenstern Holy Water Sprinkle 17th/18th C Luzern Zeughaus, Swiss Halberd Early Type, German Halberd "Die Stangenwaffen im Museum Altes Zeughaus Solothurn"

French Infantry Hanger 1790 Klingenthal "DUMONT" Revolution and First Empire, Austrian Halberd Graz Arsenal, Pankraz Taller from Hall, Swiss Lion-Head Cavalry Sabre 18th C

Swiss/German Cavalry Officer’s Sabre 17th C, 16th/17th C Battle Axe Possibly Croatian Thirty Years War, Combination Musket Rest/Linstock 1600

Fine German/Swiss Matchlock Musket, North European Dueling Rapier, "ME FECIT SOLINGEN WILHELM WIRSBERG"

Venetian Shell Guard Sword 1620, "Armi Bianchi Italiane" by Boccia and Coelho, Italian Broadsword 1540-1560, "Armi Bianchi Italiane" Boccia and Coelho.

English Hounslow Hanger 1640., Johann Kinndt Hounslow Heath Parliamentary, Fine European Silver Hilted Smallsword 1750, Two Handed Sword16th C German Landsknecht Solothurn Zeughaus,

17th C English Iron Chimney Crane, 17/18th C German Leg Irons, 16/17th C German Handcuffs, 16/17th C Bohemian "Richterstab" Kriminalmuseum Rothenberg ob der Tauber

Main Gauche 17th C, Venetian Crab Claw Rapier 1630, Georgian Bed Warmer, ca. 1780, Swiss Pikes 15th/16th Century Luzern Zeughaus

English Civil War Period Hounslow Hanger, Lieutenant of Ordnance Sir John Heyden, Chinese Polearm 19th C, Iraqi (Kurdistan) Jambiya 19th C

Amsterdam Town Guard Walloon Sword 1660, English Cavalier Officer’s Rapier 1640 English Civil War King Charles I Royalist, English Transitional Rapier 1650 Solingen Running Wolf mark

Early 17th C Halberd German or Italian, Italian Partizan Late 16th C, English Silver Hilted Smallsword Hallmarked 1778, "TOMASO AIALA" "EN TOLEDO"

German Executioner’s Sword and Scabbard Early 18th C, Italian Flintlock Blunderbuss (Trombino) 1750, "P LORANDI" Brescia, Silver Mounted Caucasian Kindjal 19th C nielloed silver scabbard

English Brass Barreled Flintlock Pocket Pistol 1810, German Executioner’s Sword 17th C, Wilhelm Tesche the Younger (1640-1676), French/Belgian Chassepot Sword Bayonet 1870

Swiss/German Halberd 2nd Quarter 16th C, Civil War Officer’s Sabre, US M1850 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword by Ames, 17th C Cuirassier Helmet Thirty Years War

English Brass Barreled Flintlock Pocket Pistol 1820, Marston Percussion Pepperbox Pistol 1850, Allen & Thurber pepperbox pistols, India Pattern Brown Bess Musket,

Swept Hilt Rapier Early 17th C, German Basket Hilt Broadsword Late 16th C, Chinese Pike, Polearm, 19th C, Mahdist Period Sudanese Thrusting Spear 19th C, Battle of Omdurman Sudan

African Masai Spear 19th C, Old style Masai Tribe "Rhombo" spear, Rare Gothic Knight’s Sword German 15th C, Provenance: Christies South Kensington

British Infantry Sergeant’s Pike Pattern of 1792, English Half Basket Hilted Horseman’s Sabre, Glasgow style Scottish basket hilted

German Wheellock Mechanism ca. 1670, Pistner Collection, English Percussion Fowler by Ketland, "W. KETLAND" (William Ketland, Birmingham

Percussion 4-Barrel Pistols by Nock Samuel Nock, London Gunmaker’s Company, Inscribed Manhattan Arms Pocket Revolver, "MANHATTAN FIRE ARMS MF’G. CO.

Magnificent Pair of French Flintlock Pistols, ca. 1810, English Artillery Halberd 1750, French Silver Hilted Smallsword 1775, Aix-en-Provence charge and decharge

North European Horseman’s Sabre 2nd Half 17th C, English Flintlock Pistol 1775, Fine Inlayed German Matchlock Musket, South German Morgenstern (Holy Water Sprinkle) 16th/17th C

Spanish "Caribbean Pattern" Bilbo 1700, Fine Engraved Italian Parade Halberd 1590, Exceptional Early Swiss/South German Halberd 1500, Landsknecht halberd, German 16th C Hand-and-a-Half Sword

British P1796 Light Cavalry Sabre, Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812, Saxon Warhammer 16th C, Saxon Electoral Armouries in Dresden, German Executioner’s Sword, 17/18 C,

German Dussegge "Sinclair Sabre" 1600, Italian (Brescia) Blunderbuss 1750 Trombino, Torture/Execution Spikes from VOC Prison Banten Lama Java, German Horseman’s Sabre 1680

Swiss/German Horseman’s Sabre 1680, German "Lobster Pot" Helmet 1630, Thirty Years War, German Siege Weight Breast Plate Late 17th C, German Cuirassier Breast Plate Late 17th C

French Model AN IX Infantry Sabre (Briquet), Napoleonic First Empire, Eastern European Hussar Officer’s Sabre 1800, Swiss Hanger 1780, Swiss mercenaries in the employ of the Netherlands.

Swiss Morgenstern (Holy Water Sprinkle) 17th/18th C, Officer’s Spontoon Italian 1750, German Halberd 1630 Thirty Years War, Solothurn Switzerland Zeughaus, Italian Halberd 17th C

Austrian Halberd 16th C, Austrian Halberd 1580 Landeszeughaus Graz, Swiss "Bohemian Ear-Spoon" knebelspiess lugged spear, Bohemian Ear-Spoon, German Halberd, 1580,

German Halberd 1550, Japanese Army Officer’s Parade Sabre, British P1821 Light Cavalry Sabre, Silver-encrusted Transitional Rapier1660, Carl Gustaf Wrangel at Stokloster,

English Silver Inlaid Flintlock Pistol, Venetian Crabclaw Rapier 1620, German (Saxon) Officer’s Spontoon, Schloss Marienburg Royal House of Hanover.

Hanoverian Officer’s Spontoon 18th C, German Basket Hilted Broadsword 1700, German (Brunswick) Two Handed Sword 1580 Dukes of Brunswick-Luneberg,

Afghan Flintlock Jezail, Austrian Halberd 1590 Graz Zeughaus Austria, Steel Smallsword French 1700, Colt M1862 Police Revolver. Flintlock Afghan Jezail Rifle,

Early American Powderhorn, Potsdam Percussion Musket Dated 1829 used in the Civil War, Colt M1851 Navy Revolver, Civil War period Colt Navy.

Silver Damascened Islamic Jambiya, Silver Damascened Islamic Dagger, Heavy 17th Century Siege Helmet, Royal House of Hanover Schloss Marienburg, German Black & White Burgonet Late 16th C,

Munich Town Guard, US Cavalry Officer’s Sword 1860, Dutch Smallsword 1660-1680, pillow sword, turks heads, Engraved Brunswick State Halberd

Silver Islamic Qama Dagger, Silver Burmese Dha, Italian Stiletto1650, Italian All Steel Stiletto1650 Former John Hammer Collection., North European Mail Shirt 16th C

US Model 1850 Foot Officer’s Sword, Civil War infantry officer’s sword, Allen & Thurber Early Norwich Pepperbox  1842, British Infantry Officer’s Spadroon 1790

Moroccan Koummya Dagger 1900, English Mortuary Backsword 1640, King Charles I English Civil War, Dutch Halberd Early 17th Century, English Pikeman’s Helmet,

Pappenheimer Rapier 1630, Alonso Sahagun the Elder of Toledo, Thirty Years War, Fine Spanish Bilbo 1720, German "Kriegshippe" Head 15/16th C, Kriegshippe or war sickle.

English Mortuary Sword 1640, English Officer’s Spadroon 1790, American Colonial Halberd, Etched Brunswick State Halberd 1700, Heavy German Siege Helmet 17th C

German Artillery Linstock Royal House of Hanover Collection, Rare 17th C Scold’s Mask, Schloss Rodenegg Austria, Russian (Caucasus) Kindjal 19th C,

Swiss Morgenstern (Holy Water Sprinkle) 1600, effective peasant weapon, Early Swiss/German Halberd 1520, German or Austrian Halberd 1580, Swiss Sempach Halberd 1670,

Lamprecht Koller in Würenlos, Italian Stiletto Early 17th Century, Superb Silver Mounted French Officer’s Flintlock Pistol, European Light Cavalry Officer’s Sabre 1800

French M1767/76 Infantry Officer’s Sword, Swiss Sabre Late 17th Century, Italian Falchion Late 16th Century, Swiss Morgenstern (Holy Water Sprinkle), Hohenwerfen Castle Austria.

German Officer’s Spontoon 1720, German Rapier with Munsten Blade 1630, Peter Munsten, "MEFECIT/SOLINGEN", Flintlock Musketoon 1800, Central Asian Peshkabz Dagger, 

Quality Central Asian Peshkabz Dagger, European Plug Bayonet German Late 17th C, European Plug Bayonet Late 17th C, R. D. C.Evans Collection., European Left Hand Dagger 1600

Italian Rapier 1630, Thirty Years War period, Fine Neapolitan Cuphilt Rapier 1660, Burmese Dha (Dagger) 20th Century, English Flintlock Pistol, Silver Mounted Percussion Pistol 1840

Fine Silver Damascened Indian Khandjar, Silver Inlaid Officer’s Rapier "FRANCISCO RUIS EN TOLEDO", English Dish Hilt Duelling Rapier 1630-1640, Spanish Miquelet Pistol Early 18th C, 

Neumann’s "Swords and Blades of the American Revolution". European Sapper’s Helmet 17th C, German Halberd Early 17th Century, Rare Engraved Italian Linstock 1580,

US M1840 NCO Sword 1863, Emerson and Silver Civil War Contract, Venetian Schiavona Broadsword 1620-1650, Spada Schiavona Schiavona Type II

French Flintlock "Turn-off" Muff Pistol 1750,"St. Etienne"., Fine English Flintlock "Turn-off" Pistol,"LONDON" "BUNNEY" Birmingham hallmarks, Bernisches Historisches Museum Lucerne Hammer

Italian Parade Halberd 1580, Former Baron Armand van Zuylen Collection, Engraved Italian Partizan 1600, Baron Armand van Zuylen Collection, European Partizan,

Neumann’s "Swords and Blades of the American Revolution", English Artillery Halberd 1750, Kretzschmar von Kienbusch Collection, Swiss Horseman’s Sabre 1700

English Officer’s Left Handed Broadsword 1740Solingen, European Jaeger Rifle 1740, German Halberd 1600, Broadsword in Late 16th C Style, Victorian era broadsword

German Broadsword 1650, Johannes Beugel of Solingen 1648-1688, German Two Handed Sword 1580, 17th Century Cuirassier Close Helmet, US M1850 Staff & Field Officer Sword,

English Officer’s Rapier 1650, Second English Civil War, Scarce Allen’s Patent M1855 Percussion Carbine, "ALLEN & WHEELOCK", Colt M1849 Revolver with Original Holster,

Italian Parade Halberd from Italian Castle 1590 Castello di Giove dei Duchi Mattei, Italian Artillery Linstock First Half 18th C, Swiss Halberd 1550 of fighting form

Civil War London Armoury Musketoon, Confederate Cavalry "LONDON ARMOURY", German Partizan/Spontoon 1700, German Flail in 16th C Style

German Horseman’s Broadsword 1650, Ottoman Flintlock Pistol mid 19th C, European Flintlock Pocket Pistol 1820, European Back Plate First Half 17th Century

European Breast Plate First Half 17th Century, Figure-8 Hilt Broadsword 1650 Probably English, "ME FEICIT SALINGEN", Spanish "Caribbean Pattern" Bilbo Late 17th C

Manhattan Firearms Navy Revolver, "MANHATTAN FIRE ARMS COMPANY NEWARK, Allen & Thurber Percussion Pepperbox Pistol, "ALLEN & THURBER WORCESTER".

Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword from Culloden 1746, Battle of Culloden Moor 1746, US M1840 Import Cavalry Sabre, Scottish S-bar Basket Hilted Broadsword 1710-1720, Jacobite Rebellions.

US M1860 Naval Cutlass Ames markings, North European Horseman’s Broadsword 17th C, Former Carl Beck Collection, German Brass Hilt Horseman’s Broadsword 2nd Half of 17th C, Beck Collection

Italian Falchion 1600 Carl Beck Collection, Horseman’s Broadsword 2nd Half of 17th Century Former Carl Beck Collection, Short Broadsword Late 17th Century Former Carl Beck Collection

North European Horseman’s Broadsword 3rd Quarter 17th C, Hungarian Officer’s Mameluke Sabre 1850, Naval Boarding Pike, Early American Pike 1775,

French AN XIII Flintlock Cavalry Pistol, First Empire pistols, Colt Model 1862 Police Revolver Civil War, German Wheellock Hunting Carbine 1680, North European Transitional Rapier/Smallsword,

"MEVES BERNS" Solingen, German Military Spear Pike 17th C, Schloss Milkel in the Oberlausitz Saxony, German Military Spear Pike 17th C Schloss Milkel Counts von Metzradt.

Officer’s Spontoon Schloss Milkel, Officer’s Partisan "Klein Moritzburg" proximity to Jagdschloss Moritzburg, Indian Tulwar Sabre 1800, British Brown Bess Bayonet 1810

British India Pattern "Brown Bess" Flintlock Musket, US Springfield Musket dated 1863. Percussion lock marked "U.S. Springfield"

British India Pattern "Brown Bess" Musket w/bayonet 1787 East India Company, British India Pattern Percussion Conversion Musket w/bayonet

German Officer’s Halberd 1750, Mexican Cavalry Sword Alamo Texas Republic era, Caucasian Miquelet Cossack Pistol early 19th C, Swiss "Holy Water Sprinkle" Morgenstern,

"Peasants Morgenstern Engadine 16th C, Schiavona Venice 1650. Dalmation mercenaries of Venice, Gunner’s Stiletto Italy 1650, French Napoleonic Carbine 1813. "Manuf. Imp. de St. Etienne

Italian Broadsword 1550, Solingen running wolf mark, Brescian Flintlock Pistol 1770, Pietro Martinoni active in Brescia around 1770, Engraved Halberd Italy 1600, Italian Falcione 16th century

Lucern Hammer early 17th C, German Two-handed Sword Late 16th C, Swiss or German Halberd mid 16th C Halberd of fighting form, Fine Turkish Flintlock Pistol 1800

Austrian Halberd 1600 Landeszeughaus Graz, German Landsknecht Halberd 1520, Swiss Halberd Hans Balthasar Erhardt von Meilen, Bern Historischen Museum.

Brescian Flintlock Pistol 1690, Pietro Manani worked in Brescia in the late 1600's,  French AN XI Heavy Cavalry Sabre 1814 Klingenthal Juillet 1814", French Napoleonic AN XIII Heavy Cavalry Sabre, "

Horseman’s Broadsword Dated 1676, German Sinclair Sabre 1600, Scottish Colonel Sinclair to Scandinavia, Indian Matchlock Musket Torador 19 C, Full Field Armour Savoyard Style of 16th C "Totenkopf"

Italian Crabclaw Rapier 1630 by Johannes Moum, Solingen, Italian 7-ring Basket Hilt Rapier, Indian Khanda Late 17th C, North European Rapier 1620, Norman’s "The Rapier and Small-sword 1460-1820".

Early Italian or French Rapier 1530 Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), Walloon Broadsword 1650, Pappenheimer rapier, Saxon Hand and a Half Broadsword 16th C. Saxon Electoral Armoury

Italian Shell Guard Rapier 1640 Johann Coll famous family of Solingen blade, Fine German Halberd 1600, Swiss Morningstar "Holy Water Sprinkle" 1600, Rare Swiss "Solothurn" Halberd Solothurn Zeughaus

Engraved Italian Glaive. Gothic Revival of the second half of the 19th Century, Fine US M1860 Cavalry Sabre 1861, Mansfield and Lamb Contract of Forestdale, RI.

Ames M1850 Foot Officer’s Sword Civil War, AMES MFG CO. CHICOPEE MASS, Eastern European Hussar Trooper’s Sabre, British P1803 Grenadier Officer’s Sabre,

German Mace 16th Century, Swedish Hand and a Half Broadsword 1630, Thirty Years War and Gustavus Adolphus, European Transitional Rapier 1670, Cavalry Officer’s Sabre 1810 engraved damascus blade

Prussian M1811 Light Cavalry Officer’s Sabre Bluchersable Solingen, Spanish Cuphilt Rapier 1680, 17th Century Toledo craftsmen, English Mortuary Broadsword 1640 English Civil War

German 16th Century Broad Sword, Two Handed Sword, Hand and a Half, or Bastard sword, German Rapier with Damascus Blade 1630, Colonial American Halberd1700

German Swept Hilt Rapier 1590, Pappenheimer Rapier 1630, Polish or Hungarian Mace 16th Century, German Basket Hilted Broadsword 1600, Fine European Smallsword 1750

Dutch Flintlock Musket 1680, Cavalry Officer’s Sabre 1810 , Solingen maker Schnitzler and Kirschbaum 1787-1864, British P1796 Infantry Officer’s Sword, Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812.

Confederate CDV and Autograph Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, Massive Saxon Two-Handed Sword 16th Century, German and Swiss Landsknechts

European Partisan 17th Century, European Pike 17th Century, North Italian Crabclaw Rapier 1630, Fine French Rapier 1660, Gilded German Hanger 1680, Italian Rapier "Costiliere da cavallo" 1630

Imperial German Parade Sabre, German Two Handed Sword, "A Processional two-handed sword XVII Century