Terms of Sale

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Ordering:  To order use the convenient “Add to Cart” buttons on each item description page.  If you require more information about an item or do not wish to use the Shopping Cart, please call 828-507-7160 or e-mail to Mail@antiqueweaponstore.com.  We are happy to hold items for you with a phone call or e-mail, but due to problems recently we have adopted new rules concerning holds.  Please read carefully.  If you want an item held, please clearly tell us by saying “hold this item for me”.  This indicates that you intend to purchase the item.  Once we have acknowledged your hold request, the item will no longer be available to other customers, unless the terms of the hold are not honored and the item is returned to active inventory.  The hold will be good for 5 days, during which time a deposit of at least 20% MUST be received.  The deposit can be made by credit card, even if payment is made by other means.  If a deposit is made and no further payment is received, or arrangements made, within 30 days of the deposit, the deposit becomes forfeit.  If a person places an item on hold and then does not go through with the purchase, the item will be returned to active inventory and the person will no longer be allowed to place items on hold.  We do not like to be so stringent, but when we hold an item for one customer and they do not complete the purchase, we have deprived other customers and ourselves of a possible alternate sale.  We can make special arrangements to help meet customer needs, but these must be agreed upon in advance.  Therefore, if you think you may have difficulty meeting our stated terms and you still wish to purchase an item, please inquire.  We are only too happy to help, if we can.  Sometimes you will see items on our site marked “ON HOLD” for a long period of time.  This generally indicates an item is on layaway, the 10 day return period has not yet ended, or that special arrangements have been made.  If you are interested in an item which is marked “ON HOLD”, please inquire, as occasions sometimes arise when an item becomes available again.

Payment Methods:  Payment is accepted by check, money order, bank wire transfer, or credit card.  We have waived the previous 3.9% credit card surcharge for full price and Shopping Cart orders, but on discounted orders a 3.9% card surcharge will be added to credit card orders to help cover our processing fees, unless specifically waived.  Personal checks require a 10 day wait for new customers.

Layaway:  We offer layaway with a 20% deposit and monthly payments of at least 20% until paid in full.  All  layaways must be completed within 120 days, unless prior arrangements have been made, or payments become forfeit.  Under no circumstances will items be shipped before full payment is received.  Because layaway items are removed from our active inventory and not available for sale to other customers for a long period of time, layaway purchases can be returned only for exchange or credit for purchase of item(s) of equal or greater value.

Return Policy:  Order with confidence.  All items, except Layaway items (see above), may be returned for ANY REASON within 10 days of receipt for a full refund, less shipping costs, if returned in the same condition as received.   If you should ever wish to return an item, we only ask that you please contact us before shipping the item.  We would like to know the reason why you are returning an item.  We want you to be happy with your purchases and would like to know if something has disappointed you.  All dates associated with items listed on this website are an approximation, based on style and construction methods. Every item is described as carefully as possible and we attempt to describe any major defects, repairs,  or replaced parts of which we are aware, but can make no guarantee as to 100% accuracy.   This is why we offer the 10 day return privilege.  We acknowledge the fact that we, like all dealers or collectors, can make mistakes in our assessment of certain items.  Remember, at most auctions you have NO RETURN PRIVILEGE and assume 100% of the responsibility.

Shipping: All shipments are sent via most practical carrier and are fully insured, when possible, through the carrier or our independent insurer.   We use UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail, and FedEx Ground for most domestic shipments, the cost of which is included in our listed prices.  For some large or high value products we recommend using FedEx 2nd Day Air because there is much less handling and less chance of being lost or damaged.  If the customer requests this service they will be required to pay the difference between Ground and 2nd Day Air.  If insurance is limited or unavailable we will make every effort to inform you.  We make every effort to carefully package all shipments to facilitate safe delivery.  In the case of long items such as Polearms, which have a much greater risk of damage than other items, our policy is to ship in a custom made wooden crate if the item is valued at $1500 or greater.  Such full price listings on this site (long items priced in excess of $1500) INCLUDE the cost of the crate if shipped within the Continental US.   When requested, special packaging or shipping arrangements can be made at customer’s expense.  Any claim for damages must be filed with the carrier.  We will file with our insurer, if applicable.  We  assume no liability if carrier or insurer do not fully reimburse for repair or replacement costs.

Prices:  We have shopped other dealer’s catalogs and websites and believe our prices are generally at or below those offered by other dealers.  However, our prices are NOT cast in stone.  If we were able to get a particularly good buy on an item we may be able to pass that savings along to our customers.  Please feel free to ask about any item or make a reasonable offer.  Remember, however, that free shipping is only applicable on full price sales and a 3.9% credit card surcharge may apply to discounted items.  If in doubt, please ask to avoid confusion or disappointment.

Consignments: Selling on consignment is subject to the following terms: Consignment items are listed and sold subject to the same return privilege as all other items on this site. A seller’s commission of 20% is due on the first $1000 of an item’s price, with a further 15% on any amount above $1000. For example, an item which sells for $2,000 would have a seller’s commission of $350 ($200 for the first $1000 and $150 for the second $1000), netting the seller $1650, less the actual cost of shipping since shipping is included in the listed sales prices. Negotiated rates are available on a case by case basis. Since buyers often make offers which are lower than the listed price, we will contact the consignor with a “net to consignor” price based on any offer received. Payment will be made to consignor upon completion of the 10 day inspection period.  All consignments are insured for full value, less a $1000 deductible, while in our possession and also during shipment, provided the item is shipped “signature required” by a carrier of our choosing.  Reimbursement for loss or damage will be made after receiving proceeds from any insurance settlement.

DISCLAIMER: All items listed on this website are sold as collector’s items only and not intended for actual use. We make no warranty whatsoever as to the fitness of any item for live firing or any use other than display. Any other use is not recommended and is at the buyer’s own risk.  It is the obligation of foreign buyers to check all laws concerning the importation of antique firearms.  We cannot be held responsible for difficulties encountered in non-US countries with importation and customs.  All licenses and permits are the responsibility of the buyer.  All firearms on this site were manufactured before 1898 and, therefore, are exempt from the US Firearms Control Act of 1968 (with amendments), unless otherwise noted.

Please!  If in doubt, just ask via our contact form, or call: (828) 507-7160