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Many of our new items never get posted to the website because customers buy them before they can be listed.  For more information and the first chance to purchase, contact us at: 828-507-7160

Pikeman’s Armor, English/French ca, 1625
Decorated Indian Combination Battle Axe, Matchlock, and Dagger
English Cupguard Rapier, ca. 1640
Rare Medieval Type XVII Broadsword, ca. 1400, Not Excavated!
German Maximilian Close Helm, ca. 1520-30
Etched State Halberd of Austrian Archduke Karl II Franz Dated 1570
17th C Hungarian Estoc with Scabbard
Two 17th C Polish/Hungarian Maces
Excavated Medieval 12th C Type X Knightly Broadsword
17th C German Torture Pliers