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Swiss Pikes, 15th/16th Century
Recently obtained directly from the Luzern Zeughaus (arsenal), these pikes have been in storage and periodic use there since the late 15th/early 16th Century. All show hand forging and lamination, with square or diamond section points, round ferrules, and side straps of varying lengths. They are mounted on hand-hewn tapering round-section arsenal shafts of ash, all of which are old and original to their period of use. It was common for the arsenals to periodically replace polearm shafts as they showed signs of damage or rot, so it is virtually impossible to determine the age of each individual shaft. Markings were also added at various times. Most of the shafts are marked on their lower end with a stamped “LUZERN” mark of varying forms. All show storage and handling marks and some have scattered worming, but all are fully sound and serviceable. Some shafts stamped “CL” (Canton Luzern) on the butt ends and some have painted inventory numbers. Pikes of this exact style and description are pictured and described in “Katalog der Waffen-Sammlung im Zeughause zu Solothurn”, by Dr. Rudolph Wegeli, published 1905. Some even bear the same star, hammer, or cross and orb maker’s marks. Pikes of this type are also described in “Katalog der Historischen Sammlungen im Rathause in Luzern”, a published inventory of weapons in the Luzern Zeughaus. It is extremely rare to find a group of historical weapons of this age from their original source with no alterations. While pikes were common in the 16th and 17th Centuries, very few now survive in their full length outside of museums.

Overall lengths vary between 14' 1" to 15' 4", most being just over 15 feet. Metal is forged iron and length varies between 20" and 35", with side straps set in hand cut dados in the shaft. Straps fastened with early iron head nails from the period of the shafts, but some are later replacements. I have gone to great trouble and expense to bring these over in their full length and opened a motor freight account with discounted rates to facilitate their shipment.
Prices listed below include packaging and shipping by motor freight within the Continental 48 States*.  $100 discount for cut lengths of 8' or less (God forbid!).   $200 discount for each additional pike purchased and shipped at the same time.  Substantial savings for local pickups- Contact us for details.

*Residential delivery $90 extra


When ordering, please call 828-507-7160 or use the secure Online Shopping Cart.  Orders are processed manually, so if you require multiple quantities, special handling, or cut shaft, please give instructions and we will make the appropriate price adjustment.  Please include a phone number in case we have any questions.  Quantities very limited, especially maker marked pieces, so we recommend you call in your order.

Examples of Maker's Marks

Examples of Shaft Marks


I recently traveled to Switzerland to obtain more of these important weapons. Unfortunately, I could only find a few and these were priced 3 times higher than the ones I had bought earlier.  The shipping costs from Switzerland are so high that it wasn’t worth the cost to ship only a few, so I passed on the few I found.  While I am still attempting to acquire more, it looks like the only way I will is at a substantially higher price.   I also watched at auction as newer pikes with no provenance and cut shafts sold for between $1100 and $1400. The pikes offered on this site are priced well below market value and are an excellent investment.

Update 9-28-07:

It's official.  No more of these pikes are available for purchase, so when these are gone, they're gone forever.  Congratulations to all who have already bought some of these, as you have made a great investment.

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