Items Wanted

If you have any single item or collection which you are considering selling or trading, we would like to hear from you. Please call 828-507-7160 or e-mail with details, price wanted, and photos, if possible.

Serious Inquiries Only, Please

We don’t take kindly to those who misrepresent themselves and use our knowledge to help them buy or sell on eBay or another venue (this has frequently happened), so PLEASE, only contact us if you are serious about selling us your item or consigning with us. We also do not give free appraisals. If you need an item appraised, please contact us for details. If you have questions about something, please be honest and we will help you if we can. Just remember, you don’t make a living by doing work for free and neither do we.

Selling on Consignment

We also accept items for consignment sale. We can sell without actually having the item in our possession if we have a detailed description and photos, but our success rate is substantially increased if we actually have the item on hand. Consignors must be willing to follow our Terms of Sale. Any proceeds from a consignment sale will be sent to consignor after the 10 day return privilege has expired, providing there is no pending return of the item. There is no fee for listing a consignment item on our site. A fee is charged only when the item sells. The consignment fee, unless otherwise stated, will be 20% of the first $1000 and 15% of any amount over $1000. Shipping and handling is billed and handled by us, unless the item is in your possession, in which case you will be responsible for shipping and handling (we will collect shipping charges on your behalf). Any additional fees, such as auction fees, un-reimbursed credit card fees, etc., if applicable, will be deducted from sale proceeds. Because of the many ways we sell items and the associated costs, it is best to give us a minimum net price you must realize for consignment items so that there is no disappointment. Generally, one can expect to realize more from a consignment sale than an outright purchase by us. However, the drawback is that it could take awhile for the item to sell, or it might not sell at all.. The more flexible you are with your price, the greater the chance of a successful sale. If you need to sell your item in a hurry, we suggest you offer it to us for a reasonable price first.

Thank you