Argentine M1909 Bayonet, 2nd Pattern


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Made in Germany for the German 7.65 mm 1909 Mauser rifle patterned after the G98, the
M1909 was similar to the previous M1891, but featured wood slab grips. The straight 15
3/4″ single-edged blade features a single fuller and the intact Argentine crest surrounded
by “MODELO ARGENTINO 1909″ and the serial number A5021 on the ricasso on one side
and “WEYERSBERG/KIRSCHBAUM & CO/SOLINGEN” on the other. The Argentine crest
is usually missing from these as it was commonly ground off when these were sold as
surplus. Guard with 15.5 mm muzzle ring on one side and hooked quillon on the other.
Spring-loaded protruding circular button catch release. Black steel scabbard with frog stud
and matching serial number. Overall length 20 ½”, not including scabbard. Very good
condition with scattered pitting around the blade ricasso. Traces of cosmoline storage