British P1803 Infantry Officer’s Sabre


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Considered by many collectors to be the most attractive British standard pattern sword
ever made, the P1803 saw a relatively short service life- most of which was during the
Napoleonic Wars. The defining feature is the distinctive hilt with lion’s head pommel with
integral backstrap and the knuckle bow with a pierced Georgian cypher. This example
features a gilded high copper content cast brass guard and pommel (most of the gilding
worn off). Ribbed leather-wrapped wood grip with triple strand copper wire; base ferrule
replaced. Blades varied greatly on these and this example features a broad deeply
curved 30 ½” single-edged blade lightly engraved with floral decoration, a crown, and
stands of arms; likely a German import. Blade is bright but shows scattered pitting and
rust marking. Leather scabbard with engraved brass mounts in poor condition; the leather
dry and cracking, lacking about half of the stitching and broken at middle band and drag.
Lacking frog button and top carrying stud and ring, otherwise complete. Scabbard now
about ½” too short for the blade. Overall length 35 ½”, not including scabbard. In very
good original condition these swords generally bring upwards of $2000.