Civil War New Jersey Marked US M1840 NCO Sword by Ames


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The M1840 NCO sword was widely used during the Mexican War and by both sides
during the Civil War. It features a one-piece cast brass guard with oval shell guard,
reverse quillon, simulated wire-wrapped grip, and knuckle guard which joins the ovoid
brass pommel with integral button finial. This example unusual in that it does not have the
counter guard on the reverse side which is present on standard models. Owners of the
sword often complained that this counter guard was uncomfortable because it tended to
dig into the wearer’s side, so this example appears to have been made originally without it
or it was professionally removed during its time of use. The straight 32 3/8″ single-edged
blade has a full-length single fuller and is marked “Made by/AMES MFG
CO./CHICOPEE/MASS” on the ricasso on one side and the letters “N.J.” (For New Jersey)
on the other. Steel scabbard with brass throat and drag stamped “DFM”. While this is an
original M1840 NCO sword scabbard and has been adapted to be a good fit, the blade is
1/4″ too long and “DFM” was an inspector for the maker Emerson and Silver of Trenton,
NJ Very good condition; the blade smooth with some age staining; hilt with mostly brown
patina and some green oxidation on the pommel.