Confederate Foot Officer’s Sword

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Unmarked example showing many of the features common to genuine Confederate made
swords. It generally follows the design of the US M1850 Foot Officer’s sword with a cast
brass single branch guard (no slot for sword knot) and simple acanthus design. Plain
Phrygian pommel and quillon; leather wrapped grip (no wire) with slanted grooves going the
opposite direction of US models. Slightly curved unmarked plain 30″ blade with a single
unstopped fuller. Blade slightly uneven, having been sharpened; showing pitting overall and
several shallow edge nicks. Original iron scabbard of typical Confederate construction with
soldered brass mounts and crude soldered lapped seam; the brass mounts plain and
crudely cast; iron with corrosion, heaviest near the drag. It is likely that this sword was
made by either Nashville Plow Works or L. Haiman & Bro. and is a very scarce example.