Confederate States Armory Kenansville Cavalry Sabre


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This distinctive cavalry sabre, loosely patterned after the US M1840 “wristbreaker”, was made at Louis Froelich’s Confederate States Armory in Kenansville, NC. While no Confederate arms are common, Froelich’s company turned out a substantial number of swords for the Confederacy. This example bears all the characteristics of his enlisted cavalry sabres; unmarked 35 3/8″ blade with unstopped 25 ½” fuller and rounded spine,cast brass guard with knuckle bow and 2 branches joining it at different points and connected to the distinctive brass pommel, black leather-wrapped wood grip with single strand of iron wire, iron scabbard with brass throat and bands and iron rings and drag. The guard shows a casting flaw on the knucklebow, typical of these sabres, and bears the Roman numerals “XXVII”. Scabbard throat with matching numbers, indicating that this is the original scabbard to this sword. The scabbard with crude lapped seam on reverse, with approximately 40% of its original red paint (now turned a reddish brown). There is a deep dent in the scabbard approximately a third of the way from the drag,likely done on purpose to prevent the blade from rattling in the scabbard. Blade is near excellent for these heavily used models, showing minor age staining and a couple of minor forging flaws. Tight guard and grip with complete and tight wire binding; the grip leather with minor losses from wear, primarily on the reverse. Pleasing brownish gold patina to all the brass. This is one of the finest examples available, showing age and use, but retaining all its original features.