Early Spanish Carabineros Drum, ca. 1800


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Wood body painted a rich blue-green, with deep red floral decoration; the wooden head
retaining bands and a central wood band also painted red. Old hemp tensioning ropes with
leather tightening straps. Retains both original drum heads, marked with period ink design
and writing (obscure). Leather strap for attaching the sling, mounted with a period brass
button bearing a crown over “CARABINEROS”. The drum appears to be totally untouched
and original and likely dates to the time of the Napoleonic Wars or slightly earlier. 17″
diameter by 11″ high. Original paint, showing some fading and flaking. Very rare to find
such an early drum in this untouched condition- possibly one-of-a-kind. Recently found in
Switzerland. During the Peninsular War there were several Swiss companies in the service
of the Spanish Carabineros fighting against the French.