Elegant North German Field Sword/Military Rapier, ca. 1630


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Forged iron hilt featuring vertically recurved quillons, large obverse side ring, smaller
reverse side ring with thumb ring, and two down-curved bars; one a flat scrolled bar which
provides protection for a looped index finger, and the other of round-section with diagonal
bar joining the reverse side ring. Faceted ovoid pommel with button and grip wrapped
with alternating twisted iron and brass wire and finished with braided Turks heads top and
bottom. Hilt engraved on the obverse with scrolling foliate decoration; reverse quillon with
brazed copper repair. Double-edged 33 ½” blade of hexagonal-section with 8″ central
fuller in which is stamped “IHS” on both sides. Elegant sword, probably used by an officer
during the Thirty Years War. Scattered light pitting; overall length 39 3/4″.