English Officer’s Lobster Tail Helmet, ca. 1640


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Distinctly English in both style and workmanship and differing substantially from its more
common German and Eastern European counterparts. Hemispherical skull with incised
double line decoration, featuring low comb with rounded edge. Large hinged visor
coming to a rounded point with incised double line decoration and bordered with iron
rivets. Three-lame neck guard with attached rear visor with double line decoration
and bordered with iron rivets. Embossed cheek pieces decorated ensuite and attached
with decorative iron hiniges. Offset decorative plume holder. Edges of skull, visors, and
cheek pieces punched with small holes for attachment of lining. Original blackening with
patches of light rust. The iron is of a lower quality than its German counterparts, typical of
that found on English mortuary sword hilts of the same period and showing similar wear.
No doubt a veteran of the English Civil War.