European Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, 2nd Half 17th C


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Featuring asymmetrical double shell guard chiseled and pierced with floral decoration;
slightly recurved quillons with chiseled acorn finials; pas d’ane and chiseled rectangular
quillon block. Ovoid pommel with button, chiseled ensuite. Wood grip with elaborate
original wire wrap made of 5 different sizes of twisted round and flat copper wire with
braided Turks heads top and bottom (wire slightly loose). Slender 33″ diamond-section
blade with 6 ½” central fuller with inscription each side and anchor marks stamped at the
end of the fuller. The inscription is not entirely legible, but is certainly a maker’s name and
possibly that of Sebastian Hernandez. Light rust patination and pitting to hilt and blade.
Overall length 40″.