Extremely rare combination rapier/wheellock pistol, early 17th C


Steel hilt with recurved ribbon-shaped quillons with button finials; large obverse diagonal
side ring with central chiseled medallion; large pas d’ane with smaller side ring at the base
with central medallion chiseled ensuite. Reverse with rectangular bars crossing diagonally
to the opposite side at the base of the pas d’ane. Writhen ovoid pommel with button; spiral
wood grip with twisted brass wrap and Turks heads top and bottom. Broad double-edged
37 3/4″ blade with a series of large central ground ovoid-shaped recesses, separated on
each side with flanking smaller recesses; double stamped maker’s marks at the forte.
Octagonal-to-round 10 5/8″ barrel with cannon muzzle, lightly engraved with floral decor
and stamped with two marks at the breech, attached to the reverse side of the blade with a
ring and a pair of screws. Obverse of blade with attached wheellock mechanism featuring
external wheel, decorative brass plate cover, flat cock with lightly engraved monster head
motif; sliding pan cover. Steel parts lightly pitted with rust in the recesses. Overall length
44 1/4″. Probably German or possibly Italian. Combination rapier/wheellocks are very rare
and this is the only example we have encountered outside of a book or museum in over 21
years of business.