Fine Chiseled Swept-hilt Rapier, German or Italian, ca. 1600


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Swept hilt design formed of flat and oval bars; featuring large pas d’ane, small side ring on
the obverse with a pair of upturned bars, and single down-turned reverse quillon. Large
flat guard bar on the obverse sweeping from the base of the pas d’ane and joining the
knuckle bow, which in turn attaches to the pommel. Three oval bars on reverse extending
from the base of the pas d’ane and joining the knuckle bow. Barrel-shaped pommel with
button. Hilt chiseled on the obverse in relief with classical human and animal figures
inside panels with blackened background. Grip wrapped with alternating three strands of
twisted iron wire and flat wire with braided turks heads top and bottom. Broad double-
edged 38″ hexagonal-section blade with triple fullers on the upper third and stamped with
an indistinct maker’s mark on the long flat ricasso. Overall length 44 ½”. Very fine quality
and condition. A swept hilt rapier with similar chiseled decoration is pictured in
“Euroepan Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London” by A. R. Dufty, Plate 26b