French M1822 Percussion Cavalry Pistol

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This model was made originally as a percussion pistol at the Chatellerault Arsenal and is
marked “Mre Impale de Chatellerault” in script on the lockplate. Tapering round 8″ barrel
of .69 caliber with octagonal breech and shallow rifling (worn). Barrel markings are
worn, but the serial number “193″ matches the number in the cartouche on the left side
of the stock. Walnut stock and brass mounts including fore end cap, trigger guard, side
plate, and butt cap with steel lanyard ring. Numerous inspection stamps on the brass.
Steel ramrod with tulip-shaped end. Steel parts with scattered pitting; stock is solid with
no cracks, but shows wear and handling marks typical of age and use. Overall length
14″. These French M1822 percussion pistols were widely used throughout Europe and
also imported for use during the American Civil War.