French M1822 Percussion Conversion Cavalry Pistol

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Converted from its original flintlock, with the lock plate markings largely ground away
during the conversion process, however, it is possible to read the very faint markings of
the Maubeuge Arsenal. Tapering round 8″ barrel of .69 caliber with shallow rifling and
octagonal breech stamped with numerous markings, including the date “1819″, “Cdel
17.6A”, and the serial number “358″, which matches the number stamped on the left
side of the walnut stock. Stock also features the faint stamp “ST ETIENNE”. Brass
fittings with numerous inspection stamps, including fore end cap, trigger guard, side
plate, and butt cap with steel lanyard ring. Steel parts generally smooth; the stock with
wear and light handling marks. Overall length 14″. These French M1822 percussion
pistols were widely used throughout Europe and also imported for use during the
American Civil War