German Executioner’s Sword, Early 18th C


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Brass hilt with octagonal quillons, swelling toward the ends and featuring pear-shaped
finials; the quillon block engraved on one side “+IHS+” and a skull flanked by acanthus on
the other. Faceted pear-shaped pommel with button of similar shape. Grip with
alternating straight and braided brass wire with turks heads top and bottom. Heavy 34
3/4″ lens-section blade engraved with a copper-filled wheel on one side and gallows on
the other (much of the copper missing), stamped with a Maltese Cross mark at the forte
with engraved script initials “AR” just below; blunted tip pierced with 4 tear-shaped holes.
Blade with scattered light pitting and showing lamination and forging flaws with several
shallow edge nicks, but still retaining a sharp edge. Overall length 44 3/4″ and weighing a
hefty 5 pounds 8 ounces. If it could speak, no doubt this ancient sword would have quite
a tale to tell.