German (Hannover) Sword Bayonet, ca. 1800


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Featuring hilt of two-piece cast brass comprising guard with straight rear quillon, single half
langet, and knucklebow joining the pommel with integrally cast horizontally ribbed grip
segmented with narrow vertical lines. T-slot in grip and steel spring and button for affixing
to a rifle or musket. Unmarked 22 3/4″ straight single-edged unfullered blade with spear
point, double-edged for the last 5″. Associated black leather scabbard with brass drag and
throat with frog stud; fits well but slightly oversized. Overall length 27 ½”. Blade dark with
age and showing some pitting, heaviest near the guard and toward the point. Same model
illustrated in “Europaische Hieb-und Stichwaffen”, fig. 454 and described as a hunting
hanger, Hannover, in England ca. 1801.