German Wheellock Hunting Rifle, Last Quarter 17th C

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Heavy blued rifled octagonal barrel of approximately 9mm bore, expanding toward the
muzzle, with adjustable dovetailed brass front sight and notched rear sight, the base of
which is decorated with a Landsknecht warrior with shield. Flat lock plate with internal
wheel, finely etched with acanthus and a mounted hunter firing at running deer; sliding
pan cover with decorative finial. Cock engraved as a monster head. Fruitwood full stock
with patchbox, the sliding cover inlaid with bone finely engraved with a stag and classical
designs. Horn butt plate pinned to the stock with bone pins and framed with carved dentil
molding on the stock. Numerous bone inlays engraved with hunting dogs, game, and
classical decorations. Wood ramrod with engraved bone tip fitting inside bone ramrod
thimbles engraved with acanthus. Undecorated iron trigger guard; the trigger fitted inside
a bone plate. Shows genuine use and age, but complete and very good condition overall.
Total length 43 3/4″ and weighing a hefty 9 pounds 14 ounces.