Long-handled Mandan Spike Tomahawk, early 19th C


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This early transitional forged spiked tomahawk is from the Robert Wheeler collection and
features a long old handle. These long handled spike tomahawks were first mentioned in
the Lewis and Clark journals and used by the Mandan tribes on horseback. Eastern tribal
warfare depended on lighter weaponry that could be carried across woodlands, so the
hafts on their weapons were much shorter and the heads generally lighter. The Plains
tribes preferred heavier long handled weapons like the famous gun stock tomahawks and
this example with a larger forged head. Head on this piece is 9 1/2″ long with a 3 3/4″
cutting edge, with dark patina. Long haft, the total length 30 ½” and showing signs of age
and usage. Haft with a small chipped area on the end. Wheeler’s white catalog number
on the underside of the spike. Eliptical eye with forged seam. From one of the most
respected authors and collectors in the field.