Outstanding German Hand-and-a-half Sword, First Half 16th C


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The best hand-and-a-half battle sword we have seen in years, this example features an
unusual asymmetrical 38 1/8″ blade with hatchet point and broad full-length fuller,
stamped on one side with a maker’s mark (unidentified, but listed as “Saxon 16th C” in
Hawtrey-Gyngell’s “Armourer’s Marks”). Complex guard of round and oval-section bars
with down-curved decoratively turned quillons with spirally chiseled balls and small button
finials. Large side ring with chiseled acanthus medallions and looping diagonal bar
connecting to the large pas d’ane. Diagonal side ring on reverse attached to the pas
d’ane. Spirally fluted ovoid pommel decorated with acanthus ensuite. Bottle-neck hand-
and-a-half grip with what appears to be the original black leather wrap. Cleaned overall in
very good condition for its age; the blade showing light pitting and lamination with a few
small edge nicks. Well-balanced fighting sword of exceptional quality, obviously specially
made for a nobleman of means. Overall length 47 3/4″.