Rare Combination Pocket Knife/Percussion Pistol, Third Quarter 19th C


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Constructed of steel with German silver side slabs with black decoration featuring “1752″
with a heart and arrow on one side and abstract design on the other. There are no visible
manufacturer’s markings. Compact design, measuring only 4″ long by 1 1/4″ wide by 7/8″
thick when fully closed, this folding pocket knife features a single 2 3/4″ knife blade.
Completely enclosed within the body of the pocket knife is a 1 ½” long barrel of 8mm
smooth bore (approximately .31 caliber) with screwed in percussion cap nipple. Ignition is
caused by a 3 3/4″ long spring-loaded lever activated by hand to strike the percussion cap.
Since there is no way to accurately aim the gun it would be suitable only at point blank
range. In the 2nd half of the 19th C there were a number of varying designs of pocket knife
pistols, but this is one example we have never encountered either in person or in books
until now. Undoubtedly a very scarce and unique item.