Rifleman’s Belt Axe, 18th C


From the renowned collection of Robert Wheeler, this 1700’s belt axe features an original
tacked handle. These multi-purpose weapons played a role in the struggles that built
America. Often called a frontiersman axe, they were made for hunters, mountain men,
and military, and also as trade pieces for Native American tribes. Most British and
American Revolutionary troops, as well as their Native American allies, carried these
smaller versions of the fighting war axes. Hand forged head measures 4 1/8 inches in
length with a 2 1/2 inch cutting edge. The head is wedged on with 4 small brass nails.
The rear handle is decorated with two incised lines, with 4 copper tacks, beveling with 4
brass end nails and copper tack. Robert Wheeler was a noted author on weaponry of the
American Revolution. Overall length with handle 19 1/4″.