Signed Scottish Basket-hilted Backsword, ca. 1740


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Hand-forged iron hilt consisting of a series of longitudinal bars of rounded rectangular
section in the position of the main, side knuckle and rear guards. Two bars, one on either
side of the main knuckle bar and concave to it, attach to the pommel end of the main
knuckle bar and the lower end of the knuckle bar. At the pommel end are two C-shaped
bars, one on each side of the main knuckle bar, attaching to the pommel end of both the
side bar and the main knuckle bar. The pommel ends of all these bars connect to a ring
at the base of the bun-shaped pommel with button. Rear quillon stamped on the pommel
side with an apparent signature (illegible). Original shagreen-covered grip with spiral wrap
of twisted brass wire with brass turks heads top and bottom. Straight single-edged 28″
back blade with narrow fuller at the back edge (worn and pitted and nearly black with age).
Sword has never been apart and has an even dark age patina. Overall length 34 1/4″. No
doubt a sword that has seen a lot of action and of the period of the Battle of Cullodoen.
An identical hilt is found in the National Museums of Scotland.