Soviet Army Officer’s Dagger with Belt and Hanger, Dated 1957


Made during the height of the Cold War and one of the last daggers to be made prior to the
change of regulations in 1958. Near mint 8 3/4″ diamond-section blade with ZIK maker’s
mark on one side and serial number A08190 and two-digit date “57″ on ricasso. Hilt
featuring brass recurved guard with scroll quillon, faceted pommel with Soviet state seal
displaying the 15 scrolls representing the 15 republics in the USSR. Orange Bakelite grip
with base ferrule and lock release button. Black leather scabbard with brass mounts and
twin carry rings; the throat depicting the Kremlin Spasskaya Tower on one side and Soviet
star with hammer and sickle on the other. Brass parts retain nearly all of their original
bright gold varnish with only the slightest wear. Scabbard leather is smooth and retains a
nice luster. Blade has mirror finish with only the slightest in-and-out wear. Yellow artificial
silk belt and hangers woven to simulate gold brocade; in un-issued condition with maker’s
ink stamp on the inside. Brass fittings including oval buckle with Soviet star and hammer
and sickle surrounded by laurel leaves. Difficult to find a better condition and totally
complete dagger ensemble.