Styrian (Austria) Halberd, ca. 1580


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Hand-forged from two billets of steel and featuring canted deeply concave 5″ axe blade
pierced with round holes in a central rosette and two sets of three holes each and stamped
with a pair of eyelash marks; reverse with upturned lug and downward-angled beak
stamped with 4-leaf clover-shaped maker’s mark. Broad leaf-shaped 19 ½” thrusting blade
with medial ridge, pierced with three holes on each side at the base. Shortened integrally
forged langets; mounted on later rectangular-section hardwood shaft with molded corners.
Length of metal 26 3/4″, overall length 90″. The eyelash mark is typical of the regions of
the Austro-Hungarian Empire which battled the Turks for centuries. Similar examples can
be found in the Landeszeughaus Graz, Austria.