US Special M1861 Contract Rifled Musket by L.G- & Y.

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The firm of Lamson, Goodnow & Yale of Windsor, VT and Shelburn Falls, MA made
approximately 50,000 Special Model 1861 Contract rifled muskets between 1862 and
1864. Each year features a distinctly different lock plate marking. This example dated
1863 with the lock plate stamped “U.S./L.G- & Y./WINDSOR-VT” with the “WINDSOR- VT
in italics and the other lettering in block letters. There is also an eagle stamped on the
bolster and the date “1863″ horizontally behind the hammer. Single-shot muzzle-loading
40″ round barrel of .58 caliber secured by three barrel bands to the walnut full stock; the
bands secured by screws as opposed to springs on the regular M1861. The hammer also
distinctly different from that on the M1861. Iron mounts with sling swivels on forward end
of the trigger guard and on the middle band. This example with old black leather sling and
bayonet. “US” stamped on butt plate tang. The ramrod is associated and the rear sight
has two of the three leaves present but broken and detached (they stay in place when
folded down). The metal parts all originally finished bright; the iron mounts now have a
dark patina; the barrel mostly smooth, but with pitting at the breech and around the nipple
(view and proof marks barely visible on breech). The stock with dents and scratches and
an old sliver missing below the lock plate. Overall length 56″. This musket undoubtedly
saw action in the Civil War, as it shows all the features of a well-used piece carried in the