American Eagle Head Officer’s Sabre, ca. 1810


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Brass five-ball hilt with single side loop and integral knuckle bow joining the Ketland-style eagle head pommel. Beautiful grooved one-piece bone grip free from any chips or cracks. The hilt showing a very nice even dark mellow patina. Hilt probably the work of William Ketland & Co. of Birmingham, England and made for the American market. Curved single-edged 28″ blade with broad single fuller, etched, blued, and gilt over its upper half with foliage and panoplies of arms. Has some spotting from age and some corrosion primarily near the rear edge. Original leather scabbard in generally very good condition showing age and crazing, with a tight break on one side at the throat mount. The brass mounts have a really nice even deep brown patina. Overall really nice condition with original blue and gold on the blade and original scabbard. A super nice complete American Eagle Head sword from the war of 1812 era. Overall length 33 ½” from tip to pommel. Example with nearly identical hilt illustrated in Mowbray’s “The American Eagle Pommel Sword”, Fig. 12.C.