Bronze Age Sword, Asia Minor, ca. 1000 BC


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Fashioned entirely of bronze, this ancient sword features tapering 15 7/8″ double-edged
blade with thick medial ridge. Narrow guard with alternating incised diagonal lines
decorating the surface. Narrow tapering rectangular-section slotted grip with central rib,
probably once having attached slabs of wood or bone. Two-piece curved flat pommel
peened to the grip/tang. Excavated condition with green patina and minor encrustation, the
blade with several deep edge nicks. Totally sound and very good condition for such an
ancient piece. Overall length 21 1/4″ (540 mm), weight 15.5 ounces (440 g). Probably used
by the ancient Hittites, this sword has seen approximately three millennia of history!