Chiseled Steel and Silver Hilt Smallsword, Mid-18th C

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Steel hilt featuring lobed oval guard chiseled and pierced with foliage and stands of arms:
small pas d’ane, chiseled and pierced quillon block, and double quillons with scrolled
finials. Knuckle bow with central chiseled acanthus decoration attached to the ovoid
pommel with button, all chiseled ensuite. Grip wrapped with silver bands flanked by two
sizes of twisted silver wire and finished with silver Turks heads top and bottom. Double-
edged 33″ hollow-ground colichemarde blade with engraved foliage and stands of arms
(worn). Sword of very fine workmanship in very good condition. There is some movement
to the guard, probably due to shrinkage of the grip with age, but it does not appear to have
ever been apart. Overall length 39 1/2″.