English Basket-hilted Horseman’s Sabre for Scottish Troops, 3rd Quarter 18th C


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Full basket hilt comprised of flat iron bars and panels pierced with patterns of round holes and triangles connecting to the base of the conical pommel; open oval on the reverse for horse’s reins.  Large scrolled reverse quillon.  Spiral twist wood grip apparently never having been wrapped.  Broad well-used 33′ triple-fullered curved single edged blade with the last 9 1/2′ double edged; one side stamped with a series of groups of three dots.  Blade point rounded and showing great age and pitting.  This is a serious fighting sabre made for Scottish cavalry from the period of the American Revolution.  Like most 18th C basket hilted swords it shows signs of a great deal of use, with metal parts exhibiting age and pitting and hilt showing minor dents consistent with a sword used in battle.  Overall length 38 1/2″.