English Officer’s Broadsword, 3rd Quarter 17th C


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Nearly symmetrical iron hilt with two side rings (one slightly larger than the other), each
filled with a plate engraved with foliage (worn); reverse down-turned quillon with acorn
finial. Knuckle bow with expanded central section, joined by a pair of scrolled bars
connected to the side rings on each side, and connected to the spherical pommel with
button. Original grip wrap of twisted iron and brass wire, finished with Turks heads top and
bottom. Double-edged 31″ blade of flattened hexagonal section stamped with a series of
X’s in groups of three and cross and orb marks on each side (worn). About 3″ below the
guard there is a forge weld which looks like a possible repaired break, however, in our
experience we have seen numerous early English blades with an intentional forge weld in
about the same location. This is likely due to limited sizes of the billets of iron they had to
work with, not allowing a blade to be forged in one piece. Overall length 37″. Metal
cleaned with gray gunmetal patina over light pitting.